Bardini Reefer

Sitting at 15m in the channel between Bere Island and the mainland, the Bardini reefer is a well preserved wreck. 

The Bardini Reefer was a Panamanian factory shipping vessel. Whilst at anchor waiting to go into dry dock, the ship caught fire. It burnt for 3 days before sinking on the 15th December in 1982.

Today, it serves as a great shallow wreck dive. Visibility can vary between 3-5m depending on weather conditions. This wreck deserves at least 2 dives, one to explore the periphery of the ship and another to cover the length of the deck, where you can see the boiler room, the mast and funnels as well as the chance to be Rose from Titanic at the bow of the ship.

Roaringwater bay – Long Island

Long Island sits 5 minutes from Schull harbour. It’s 1km wide and 5km long. Hard to miss with its beautiful lighthouse! Tides need to be watched at a few exposed points, but in general, diving can be carried out. Lots of rocks with different channels to wind through, an abundance of coral, anemones and seaweed (as well as the odd octopus!).


Rebecca Schouten took an OD+ trip here in April 2023.

Getting There

Trinity College Dublin to Roaringwater Bay


Bardini Reefer – 51°38’48.3″N 9°51’18.9″W

Roaringwater Bay – 51°33’15.6″N 9°23’41.2″W