In the interest of being environmentally conscious, DUSAC have ratified the following Eco Diving guidelines as of our Annual General Meeting on the 13th of April 2018:

  • Single use plastics banned on all trips to enable a safer environment for all future generations ahead – This is to be monitored via the entertainments officer each year…
  • Green-Bin boy/girl to have allocated responsibility on a dive trip to ensure as much recycling as possible takes place – Nominated via the trip organiser
  • Where safe to do so when diving remove any plastic waste floating or sunken in the Ocean
  • Ensure all personal and food cleaning products are environmentally sourced and non-harmful to the environment – i.e. no microbeads
  • Beach-clean-up days to be organised via entertainments officer at least once a year
  • Plant a tree! – Carbon emissions from trips can be quite large so trip organisers where possible can plant a tree/trees to counteract this offset at home or on the trip..
  • Ensure all seafood is locally or responsibly sourced…
  • Take only photos and memories.. Leave only bubbles..