Fitness to dive

BS-AC members must complete an annual medical self-certification form and return it to the Diving Officer / Membership Officer. If you answer ‘Yes’ to any of the health questions on the form, you should consult a medical referee for a decision on whether and how you may dive. A copy of the form is available from the BS-AC website (link).

First Aid for Divers

BS-AC have a skill development course in first aid, which is run in the club. Course contents can be found on the BS-AC website (link).

Life support guidelines

[previously called ‘resuscitation’ guidelines]

BS-AC issued its latest guidelines in March 2006. Details can be found in the sports diver lecture ST2 dive leader lecture DT2 (logged-in users only).

BS-AC’s casualty assessment slate can be found here (local copy here for logged-in users).

DCI avoidance

Avoidance, symptoms and treatment of decompression illness are covered in the BS-AC diver training courses. Some precautions on avoiding DCI can be found on this site here, and a very long page on hydration for divers here.

Further information

An excellent resource for information on diving medicine is the book ‘Diving Medicine for Scuba Divers’ (Edmonds et al) available free as a pdf here.