Hard Boat Charter: Dulra Nature Tours ( Skipper: Anthony Irwin (, mobile: 087 258 2124)

Dive Guide: Brian Mac Suibhne (, mobile: 087 958 3140)

  • €500 per day including bottle fills
  • Nice boat that fits 14 divers (now apparently only licence for 12 divers) and gives good shelter when windy and rainy and for people in semi dry suits
  • boat is actually based in a pier south of the peninsula but as we wanted to dive the Stags of Broad Haven we were leaving from a pier north east of the peninsula (Ballyglass)
  • recommended to bring 2 bottles for each diver as the compressor is not at the pier and bottle filling in between dives would be time consuming

Anthony and Brian were very cooperative in selecting dive sites. They brought us to a little bay during lunch time for snorkeling with seals and to try out fishing. As Anthony is involved in marine research they were informed about whale and dolphin sightings in the area.

Dive sites

Around the north tip of Belmullet: dive sites with depth between 20-26 m

Stags of Broad Haven: SD+ only as depth are 30 m and deeper

  • Stags of Broad Haven: 1st dive in the channel between the two main rocks which is famous for its colourful jewel anomenes (36m), 2nd dive sheltered cavern on the north east site of the stags (20m max)
  • possibilities to dive some nice caverns
  • one dive close to the Eagle Island Lighthouse with lots of sea life
  • many sheltered nice dives with good sea life

(unfortunately most of the actual dive site names are missing)

Accommodation: Kilcommon Lodge

Contact Person: Ciaran Schult (

  • located on the main land which meant 15-20 min drive to the pier in Ballyglass (north east tip of Belmullet)
  • nice rooms: 6 and 3 bed dorms, private rooms also available, prize was 16€ per person per night (private rooms normally more expensivewere also only 16€ per night for a group booking)
  • self catering kitchen and nice common room with fire place
  • limited fridge space
  • breakfast and evening meals served if requested (details on website)
  • nice garden area but no BBQ (disposable ones needed if you are planning a BBQ)
  • Pub just down the road (5 min walk)


54° 10′ 31.0692″ N, 10° 4′ 28.0668″ W