If you’re thinking of joining DUSAC, whether you’ve dived before or never donned a pair of fins, then great – we’d love to hear from you. Hopefully this page will answer most of your questions, but if not then you can get in touch with us here to ask more.

Who can join DUSAC?

To join the club you must be a current TCD student (undergraduate or postgraduate), a TCD staff member, or a TCD graduate. Staff and graduates must also be members of the TCD Sports Centre (all TCD students are members automatically).

Why join DUSAC?

Some of the best things College can offer are the opportunities to meet new people, to try new experiences, and to find out you can achieve things you’d never expected. We think that DUSAC gives you all of this and more.

In DUSAC you can discover the amazing life of Ireland’s seas, learn new skills and acquire internationally-recognised diving qualifications, and make friends from all over College. We’ve a huge amount going on – courses covering all aspects of sport diving, lots of dive trips, inspiring speakers and great social nights out. And – not least – we’re absolutely the cheapest way you’ll get to dive.

What does the club do?

Lots of diving! In autumn and winter we train our new beginners, and in spring and summer we go diving, all around Ireland and sometimes abroad too. Click here for all the places we’ve been to in Ireland.

We do social nights too – Mondays in the pub, film nights, table quizzes, the big summer BBQ and more – and we get some great speakers to share their love of diving and all things marine. But mostly we do a lot of diving, and we mean a LOT – our jam-packed calendar will show you just how much.

When can I join?

Each October we have places for 32 people who have never dived before and 16 ‘crossover’ divers who have a one-star diving qualification – mostly PADI open water / advanced open water.

In January we usually offer places for a further 16 crossover divers, but no additional beginners.

Divers with higher level qualifications (CMAS 2* and up) can join throughout the year – but see note on membership renewal dates here.

What do I need to sign up?

  • Your membership fee (cheques can me made out to Dublin University Sub-Aqua Club)
  • Copies of any diving qualifications you hold
  • Copy of your student card (if you’re a student)
  • A passport photo

How much will it cost?

The cost depends on whether or not you are a student, or have a previous diving qualification.

Student fees are lower than graduate / staff fees. New trainees pay more than experienced divers and instructors to cover the costs of their training.

Currently students with no dive qualifications or 1* qualifications pay €210, and staff and graduates pay €300. For the full table of current fees, see the membership fees page.

Fees cover insurance, BSAC membership, course materials and upkeep of club equipment. And each month you will recieve a copy of BSAC’s very informative diving magazine. Members can borrow club equipment for free, though will need at least to get boots and – when open water diving begins – gloves and weights as well. Full details of equipment needed are here.

I’ve a medical condition – can I still join?

On the night, you’ll need to complete the BSAC self declaration medical form (click here to see a copy). If you answer ‘yes’ to any of the health questions, you’ll need to see a medical referee to check if you are OK to dive.

I have a diving qualification – will DUSAC recognise it?

If you already have a recognised dive qualification, you should be able to join us at the equivalent BSAC grade. BSAC give details of cross-over grades for different diving agencies here.

If your grade is equivalent to BSAC Ocean Diver, you may have to attend some lectures from the Ocean Diver course, and do a couple of pool lessons, starting in October.

If you have a higher qualification, please talk to our Training Officer or Diving Officer.

Can I try out diving before signing up?

Yes! This year 2015, our try-dive in the TCD pool will be held on Monday 28th Sept at 8:00 pm. Bring swimming togs, hat, T-shirt and we’ll provide the rest. NB – you’ll need proof you’re a student, or gym membership to get in.

What happens once I’ve joined?

If you’ve never dived before, you’ll do the complete BSAC Ocean Diver and Sports Diver courses, beginning in September and running through to March, when we have an open water trip away to Galway. All information on training can be found here. With a Sports Diver qualification (CMAS 2* equivalent), you can dive at dive centres all over the world with people of the same qualification as yourself, and you’ll have the confidence and skills to work towards even higher qualification levels.

If you already have a basic diving qualification, you do a shorter version of the training, but working towards the same BSAC qualifications.

If you have a 2* qualification, you can join at the equivalent BSAC level (so long as the Diving Officer approves) and start doing the more advanced BS-AC courses – and come diving!

Where can I find more information?

We’ll have a stand in September at the Freshers’ fair in Front Square in Trinity in September, and we’d love you to come and talk to us.

The Monday after Fresher’s week, we usually have a try-dive session in the Trinity Pool. If you want to have a go at diving before signing up, then come along. It’s FREE!

During Freshers’ week, we usually have an introduction night where you can hear a bit about the club and see some great photos of DUSAC dives and trips.

If you’ve further questions, you can e-mail our diving officer, our training officer, and our membership officer, with any questions.

And finally do have a look around the website – especially at our trainee & crossover diver page.