DUSAC is very fortunate to have its own equipment for its members to use, and a committed team of equipment officers to maintain it. Read the Equipment Officer’s blog here.

Club equipment

  • 2 rigid inflatable boats (RIBs)
  • 3 air compressors
  • Nitrox blending station
  • Around 20 sets of diving gear (tank, regulator and BCD)
  • 2 Oxygen first aid kits
  • Ropes, weights, buoys, lifting bags etc

Signing out equipment

Before going diving, you must sign out all of the club equipment to be used. Do this on the whiteboard by the top of the stairs in clubrooms. Tanks / Regs / BCDs can be signed out on the board, all else is to be signed out  in the Gear Sign out book beside the whiteboard.

All gear signed out in your name is your responsibility – it’s up to you to make sure it gets brought back and put away after diving.

Please ensure you strike your name off the sign-out board/book once you have returned gear.

Returning equipment

After use, dust caps must be dried and put back on regulators.

Washing Gear

Stabs, regulators and bottles must be washed to remove salt. There is a tap on the wall outside Flynn Rooms, with a hose just inside the door to the left. There is a vent near the tap that leads into the compressor – do not wash the gear near this. There is a large drain by which gear can be rinsed beside the door.

Please ensure BCDs are emptied of water that may have accumulated throughout the dive.

Wet gear must be transported up the stairs using the plastic boxes in Flynn Rooms. The compressor house is under the stairs so it is vital gear isn’t brought dripping up the stairs! Please do not use the ‘Broken Gear’ box for this purpose.

Gear Storage

Suits are to be hung up on the suit rack in the centre of the room. If there is no free hanger, remove a dry suit and leavy it neatly by the side.

BCDs are to be stored on the brackets along the right hand side of the room.

Regulators are to be hung up on the brackets beside the Equipments Bench. A dust cap must be on each reg.

Shore O2 & Boat O2 Cylinders should be returned to the left of the bottle rack. Boat O2 cylinders should be removed from their containers when returned to Flynn Rooms. If the cylinder was opened on the trip it must be wiped clean.

Tanks should be in the bottle rack if full. Full tanks surplus to space in the rack should be left to the right of the rack.

Empty tanks should be left by the compressor panel, leaving space for access.

Weights & Weight belts: Weights are to be removed from the belt and weights returned to their respective weight pile. Drape the weight belt beside the others along the side railing.

Damaged Gear

  • Leave in the ‘Broken Gear’ box beside the Whiteboard
  • Record the item and fault details in the ‘Broken Gear’ book by the Whiteboard.
  • E-mail the equipment officer so they know it’s there!