The club mailing list is at, and the address for posting is

The list is where club members post announcements about training, dives, trips and other events. The list is restricted to past and present DUSAC members; no-one else can post to the list or read list mail.


To e-mail the list, you must be a list member. E-mail the list admins if you’re not on the list and would like to be. NB: DUSAC divers only – we don’t subscribe anyone else.

The admins will send you an invitation to join the list. This will be an e-mail with the subject ‘Google Groups Invitation: DUSAC’. Inside this e-mail will be a link that you need to click to join the group.


To unsubscribe you can send an e-mail to The mail can be empty – no subject or text are needed. It must come from the address you use to subscribe to the list, though.

For other ways to unsubscribe, you can visit the list web page to manage your subscription settings or e-mail the list admins.

List web page use

To use the list web page, you’ll need a Google account. You can register for one here. You can use any e-mail address to get a Google account – you don’t have to use a gmail address. However, to hook up your Google account with the mailing list, at least one of the account e-mail addresses must be an address you use to post to the list.

Setting mail options

At the list web page, you can choose how to receive list mail. You can opt not to have mail sent to you if you’re away or prefer just to read it on the web page, or you can choose to receive mail in daily digest form if you don’t want to get individual messages.

Finding contact details

To contact other DUSAC members, try our e-mail & phone directory. If you need to e-mail just one person on the list, please try this rather than e-mailing the whole list. NB – the directory lists all DUSAC members registered on our website, and doesn’t include everyone on the mailing list.