Purpose and Statement of Intent

This guideline outlines DUSAC’s commitment to an environment where every member is treated with dignity and respect.

The Club strives to create an environment that is supportive and conducive to all its members to pursue and progress the sport of SCUBA diving. DUSAC promotes, and is committed to supporting, a positive environment for its members, including current students, alumni and Trinity College staff, which is free from discrimination, bullying, sexual harassment and other forms of harassment.

These guidelines aim to set out DUSAC’s and its member’s commitment and duty to participate in creating a positive and tolerant environment. The policy also sets out a framework and the procedure for handling any issues that arise, which are in accordance with the College’s guidelines. This policy seeks to encompass the diverse nature of the members of this club.

The Dignity and Respect policy sets out to achieve the following:

  • To raise awareness on the prevention of bullying and harassment
  • To support good communications amongst members of DUSAC and to set standards of behaviour which are acceptable in our community
  • To set out everyone’s individual responsibility in both making themselves aware of the policy and their responsibility to resolve matters as quickly and as confidentially as possible
  • To provide methods of resolution for club members in which they have a number of opportunities, both formal and informal, to resolve their individual situations
  • To promote an environment in which diversity is respected

To Whom does the Guideline Apply?

All members of DUSAC and all individuals and groups that operate as part or with DUSAC are subject to the terms of these guidelines and as such share the responsibility for ensuring an environment that protects the dignity and respect of its members. A member is defined as one of the following: student, staff or graduate club member, an alumni member, an affiliated club member with DUSAC (including external alumni clubs e.g Atlantic club), a volunteer or coach.

Care needs to be taken not to cross the line into unacceptable behaviour, which is offensive, abusive, intimidating, malicious or insulting. In any case, such behaviour should stop immediately when club members indicate it is unacceptable.

Every member of DUSAC has a responsibility to help to ensure that unacceptable behaviour does not continue unchecked or unreported. Individual responsibility includes awareness of one’s own behaviour and its potential effects on others. Those who are concerned about incidents of bullying, sexual harassment, racial harassment or other forms of harassment, e.g. as colleagues, friends, witnesses, or as people against whom an allegation has been made, should feel free to seek confidential help and advice from the sources of help listed in this document.

Source of Support

Members who feel they or others are being bullied or harassed may opt to have their concerns addressed by informal or formal means. Complainants are encouraged to approach DUSAC chairperson, or in the case of a conflict of interest – DUSAC’s president, with their concerns at the earliest opportunity. For serious complaints or where the problem is not resolved through any of the informal methods, the complainant may raise the issue with Trinity Sport directly or with the aid of DUSAC’s chairperson or personal confidantes.

Roles and Responsibilities

Role of every member

  • The club expects that all members respect each other and have a duty of care to report inappropriate behaviour.
  • Being aware of your/others behaviours
  • Not letting situations persist
  • Providing support
  • Challenging one’s own behaviour
  • Not participating in gossip and rumours

Responsibilities of all parties involved in the dispute

  • To seek to resolve the complaint at the earliest opportunity and at the lowest level
  • To make a complaint in good faith
  • To cooperate with the procedures and make themselves available in a timely manner to facilitate resolution of the case
  • To seek support and representation as appropriate
  • To be factual in any written / verbal evidence
  • To afford Dignity and Respect to others, and to maintain confidentiality

The Chairperson

  • Respond sensitively and promptly to any member who makes a complaint, and ensure they are not victimized for making a complaint
  • Listen to the issue and record the information on the incident
  • Ensure all parties are treated with dignity and respect
  • Seek advice from Trinity Sport or contact persons as appropriate
  • If felt appropriate, the chairperson can arrange a meeting with the parties involved, where the chair or an appointed neutral person is present. If the chairperson does not feel it is appropriate, the issue is escalated to Trinity Sport, where the issue will be dealt with in accordance to any College Policies

The President

  • In cases where the Chairperson has a conflict of interest, the President will take over the responsibilities of the Chairperson

Trinity Sport

  • To coordinate and facilitate resolution of informal complaints where both DUSAC’s Chairperson and President have a conflict of interest or when they are nominated by DUSAC’s Chairperson/ President to investigate allegations
  • To coordinate and facilitate resolution of formal complaints as per college policies