Committee positions

Chair / Captain


Paul Hickey has the job of keeping the club from falling apart before the next AGM. From organising diving events, to reigning in an out of control, power hungry committee, Paul manages everything, all without the slightest clue how Gmail works.

Diving Officer (DO)

Eoin Kearney oversees all diving related activities in the club (of which there are quite a few), and makes sure the high safety standards are met at all times. He also has the small task of approving every single club dive.

Training Officer (TO)


Karen Carty is responsible for all the training in DUSAC. Whether you’re a seasoned diver looking for an SDC, or a snot nosed new recruit looking to do your first dive in the sea, Karen will sort you out.

Equipment Officer (EO)


Sarah Kingston is our equipments gal, and is responsible for the upkeep all the club gear. Diving is a very equipments heavy sport, and not having your gear break at 30 meters under the water is always nice. She always has lots to do, so if you have time, be sure to lend a hand!

Assistant Equipment Officers (AEO)


Fiachra Bray , along with the EO, helps with the upkeep of club gear. The amount of equipments work is monumental, so his assistance is vital. There are also plenty of embarrasing stories about him, but so if you want to hear all about them, email me at

Boat Officer


Orlaith Hanrahan is our resident boat expert, and is charged with making sure our boats break down as little as possible, or maybe, just maybe, not breaking down at all!

Membership Secretary


Pamela Moorhouse is back, and better than ever, this time in charge of managing our membership details. From collecting membership fees, to sending away application forms, she’ll be the one to bother.



Carol Murray has the task of documenting the committee meetings through minutes, with as much fun and excitement as is possible in documenting the committee meetings.

Entertainment Officer


Gareth McCauley is making his committee comeback as ent’s officer, responsible for organising social events, and pretty much anything else that can loosely be categorized as ‘fun’. Whether he’s pestering you to go to O’Neills on a Monday evening, or forgetting where he left his pants 10 minutes ago, Gareth will keep us amused (mostly at his own expense)



Paula Tierney is the one with the money in the club. When she’s not defrauding the club to the score of millions every year, she’s collecting receipts and handing out reimbursements.



Fergal O’Shea  is the webmaster, although also accepts the title ‘Supreme Overlord of the Internet’. He pretty much spends all day on facebook, and calls it work. If you have any trouble with the club website, or email list, let him know.

Ordinary Member

Stewart Gault the ‘jack of all trades’ and assists anyone and everyone on the committee. When not busy with various jobs, he also represents the concerns of the members to the committee.