Committee Positions


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Ciara Corcoran is this year’s club President and she’s been in the club since 2007. Her job is to make sure that the rest of us do our jobs properly, and to ensure the safety of everyone in the club.

Chair / Captain

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Eoin Dowling (he/him) is our club’s chairperson. In presiding over our committee meetings, Eoin’s role is to ensure the smooth and safe operation of the club in accordance to our constitution.

Diving Officer (DO)


Ian Beatty-Orr oversees all of DUSACs vast empire of diving related ventures from atop his throne.  He also has the minor task of approving every single club dive and ensuring it’s conducted safely!


Training Officer (TO)

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Hi I’m Amy and I’m the Training Officer this year. I manage the the training of incoming novices and cross overs so if you have any questions just send me an email! I also help other members of the club further their training so if you have any courses you’d like to take or assessments you’d like to do please get in touch!

Equipment Officer (EO)

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Hi, my name is Oisin and I am the Equipment Officer this year. I have been in the club for over 2 years now and it is my job to ensure that all the club gear is in good working order so that it can be used by all club members. If you have any questions about gear or would like to lend a hand in any way please feel free to contact me @  or in person if you see me around in clubrooms or on our many dive trips throughout the year!

Assistant Equipment Officers (AEO)

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Hi, Im Tarek Eid and this is my first yesr in the club. Im the AEO for this year and my job is to help the Equipment officer keep the club equipment in good working order

Boat Officer

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Andy Hare has completed  his undergraduate and PhD in genetics in TCD. This is his third year on the committee, all of which has been as part of the equipments team. This year he will be helping maintain the boats and associated equipment.

Membership Secretary

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My name is Isobella, I’m doing third year civil engineering right now and I’m starting my second year with the scuba club now. I make sure everyone’s paid their memberships, so apologies in advance for the emails chasing fees


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Hello, I’m Michael Officer. As secretary, I’m the one who records all of the points made at committee meetings (almost all). Just for the enjoyment of eager minutes readers!

Entertainment Officer

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Conor is this year’s entertainment officer. As ENTS officer, his goal is to make sure that we have as much fun out of the water as we do in the water together.


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Darach is the current custodian of the club finance. He looks for every opportunity to reduce what we spend and increase the bank balance. Remember that every saving he makes and all the money he collects goes towards more equipment, more trips and more fun.

Public Relations Officer


Daniela Izzaldinova is the Public Relations Officer (PRO), a physiotherapy student that has been in the club for two years counting. She runs the social media pages as well as answers and replies back to the emails. She tries her best to instgram the hell out of each trip !!


Welfare Officer


Esther Dunne (she/her) is this year’s Welfare Officer. She is here to ensure that our club stays an inclusive, open space for all members.

Ordinary Committee Member

Hey, I’m Carolanna and I’m the OCM (Ordinary Committee Member). My job is to exist to remind you that the rest of the committee members are extraordinary! No but really, I’m here to assist the committee with any tasks that require an extra body, and to just be a helping hand around the club.