Committee Positions



Paul Hickey

Chair / Captain

I’m Suzanne and I’m the club’s Chair this year. I keep us on track in committee meetings, support the rest of the committee in their roles, and do my best to keep us in DUCAC’s good books!

Diving Officer (DO)


Darach joined DUSAC in 2012 with a background of almost 30 years diving. He has been an active instructor since 1992 introducing so many people to the wonders of the undersea world. In 2011, he was part of the first cohort of Diving Instructors to graduate from the Sports Ireland Tutor program, to train Instructors. Darach sees himself as a transitional Diving Officer changing how DUSAC manages dives and trains divers from novice to instructor. His goal for the year is to share the effort of leading the clubs activities across more people, while encouraging everyone to have more fun dives, while learning.

Training Officer (TO)


Hey everyone, I’m Carolanna and I am the Training Officer! My job is to facilitate you learning everything you want to know about scuba diving, whether you’ve been diving 20 years or two months. Any training you’d like to do, or any questions you have, pop me an email or a message and I will find you the answer. Can’t wait to get diving with you all!

Equipment Officer (EO)


My name’s Rebecca and I’m your equipment officer this year. My job is to keep everything serviced and un-broken…. 
If you have any concerns about your equipment, please contact me on

Assistant Equipment Officers (AEO)

Hi, I am Karina and started out as a Novice in the Club last year. I’m in engineering and would like to use my skills and knowledge to support the equipment officer as much as I can. Hope to see you around in the club rooms or on diving trips!

Boat Officer


Hi, I’m Tarek and this my second year on the equipment team. As boat officer, I am in charge of making sure the boats are well maintained and ready for to be used for diving trips.

Membership Secretary

I am Ayushmaan and I am at the membership office this year. My job is to keep a track of membership of new as well as existing members.


Hey! My name is Erika and I’m the Secretary for the 23/24 Committee. I’ll be in charge of making sure the committee meetings get recorded and emailing the minutes. This will be my 2nd year with the club, and you’ll most likely see me at the diving trips!

Entertainment Officer

My name is Zia and I am this years Ents Officer. I am responsible for organising and coordinating social events, activities and competitions for members to create a fun and engaging atmosphere outside of the water.



Hi there! I’m Laura, a Social Data Science Graduate, a Sports Diver and most importantly, your Treasurer aka CFO aka Money Maestro. My job is to put your membership money to good use – mostly spent on equipment, repairs, boats, filling your tanks (so you can breathe underwater whaat), and everything else. Scuba diving can be an expensive sport (also the coolest sport), but joining a university club like DUSAC makes learning to dive significantly cheaper as our instructors are voluntary and we are arguably the best equipped club in Ireland. It’s also super fun and you make great friends and you can put a price on that n’aww. Your membership money goes a long way, and keeps our club running, and I’m here to keep it all in check!

Public Relations Officer


Hi, I’m Conor and I’m the PRO this year. It’s my job to manage any of the public relations and techy stuff. Primarily I’m answering emails, and running the website, Instagram, and other social medias, including the Facebook for all the oldies 🙂

Welfare Officer

Hey everybody!! My name is Raea, and I’m this year’s welfare officer! I’m here to make sure everyone feels included, is treated fairly, and has a voice in the club. Please don’t hesitate to reach out 🙂 Can’t wait to see you all in the water! 

Ordinary Committee Member

Hi everyone, my name is Oisin and I am the OCM this year in the DUSAC committee. This is my 3rd year in the club but I have been diving a little before that. It’s my job in the committee to help out and lend a hand whenever it is needed but even for non committee, club stuff, feel free to reach out to me and I’ll be sure to help! Hope to see lots of yous on all the upcoming dives across the year 🙂