Committee Positions



Muriel Gallagher is this year’s club President and she’s been in the club since 2007. Her job is to make sure that the rest of us do our jobs properly, and to ensure the safety of everyone in the club.

Chair / Captain


Colin Wilt chairs the committee and helps to keep everything organised. He is looking forward to getting the club back in the water as soon as possible.

Diving Officer (DO)

Screenshot 2021-05-02 at 14.31.25

Sarah Kingston oversees all diving related activities in the club (of which there are quite a few), and makes sure the high safety standards are met at all times. She also has the small task of approving every single club dive.

Training Officer (TO)


I’m Paula. I joined the club as a novice back in 2015 when I was a Zoology undergrad and never left. As the Training Officer this year, I will be managing all the training in DUSAC from novices’ first dives and lectures to skills development courses and instructor training. If you have concerns/queries about training or ideas for courses you’d like to take, don’t feel at sea – just drop me a line!

Equipment Officer (EO)

andy hare

Andy Hare is our equipments officer, and is responsible for the upkeep all the club gear. Diving is a very equipments heavy sport, and not having your gear break at 30 meters under the water is always nice. He always has lots to do, so if you have time, be sure to lend a hand!

Assistant Equipment Officers (AEO)


Hi, I’m Oscar Langan. This is my second year in the club. I am the AEO for the year my role on the committee is to help the EO keep all the club gear in working order over the year.

Boat Officer

Sinead Dickson is our resident boat expert, and is charged with making sure our boats break down as little as possible, or maybe, just maybe, don’t break down at all!

Membership Secretary

orlaith pic
Orlaith Hanrahan is our new Membership Secretary this year. She’ll be the one after you to renew your membership so keep an eye out for URGENT in your inbox. Other than that she’ll just be hanging around in hope that someone emails her with a query so don’t be afraid to get in touch!



Suzanne Dias has the role of keeping minutes at club meetings. Every vocalised idea, quip, and sigh kept track of for future generations.

Entertainment Officer


I’m Grace O’Brien, I’m 20 and this is my second year with DUSAC. I’m in charge of arguably the most important aspect of the club, good times and pints.


Ian Beatty-Orr is the one sitting atop the clubs vast (and empty) vault of treasure.  When not off leading plundering expeditions to refill said vault he can be found collecting receipts, handing out reimbursements or more likely just taking your money.

Public Relations Officer

rebecca pic

Rebecca Schouten is the Public Relations Officer (PRO), although also accepts the title ‘Supreme Overlord of the Internet’. This means that managing the website and social media accounts are her duties. If you have any trouble with the club website, or email list, let her know.


Welfare Officer

Eoin Dowling (he/him) is our club’s Inclusion Officer. DUSAC’s committee is achieving our mission to ensure that the scuba diving division of Trinity College Dublin continues to be an inclusive, open and bullying/discrimination free environment for all of its members.