Membership fees from September 2019

Membership fees cover your subscription to DUSAC (‘Air Money’) and to the BSAC, which provides 3rd-party insurance.

Student Membership Fees

AIR Money
Membership (£)
Total  €
145 30.50 180.50
Ocean Diver/
Sports Diver
85 30.50 120.50
Dive Leader 75 30.50 110.50
Advanced Diver 50 30.50 85.50
First Class Diver/
National Instructor
15 30.50 50.50

Graduate/Staff Membership Fees

Grade Instructor
AIR Money
Membership (£)
Total  €
N/A 205 59 271
Ocean Diver N/A 145 59 211
Sports Diver N/A 145 59 211
Sports Diver IFC Attendance 140 59 206
Dive Leader N/A 135 59 201
Dive Leader OWIC + TIE 120 59 186
Dive Leader OWI 120 54 180
Advanced Diver N/A 105 54 165
Advanced Diver Assistant AI 95 54 160
Advanced Diver Adv Instructor 90 48.75 150
First Class Diver N/A 75 48.75 145
National Instructor N/A 10 39 54

Claiming student membership

To qualify for the DUSAC air money student rate, you must be a TCD student. However, the BSAC student membership fee applies for students in any college. For example, a student of UCD who is a Dive Leader pays €135 DUSAC air money, but only €30.50 BSAC membership. If you are claiming BSAC student membership, you must provide a photocopy of your student card. Please note that students at other colleges must be TCD graduates or staff in order to be eligible to join DUSAC.

Beyond the membership fees, there are a few other expenses you can expect to incur during the year. See the following time time for estimated dates and costs.

Sept – membership fees

Sept- Dec – purchasing of basic dive gear (strongly encouraged but not mandatory) e.g. Flagship kit: mask, fins, boots and gloves for €115, or you can shop online yourself on websites such as Decathlon.

Feb – novice trip deposit of €100. This trip takes place over the March bank holiday weekend and costs approx €180 in total – includes 4 days of glorious diving, 3 meals per day, and unlimited craic!

Summer – €5 for evening dives throughout the summer, or €50+ for weekend trips.

Nov – renewal of membership fees.