DUSAC’s clubrooms are used for storing club gear, and also provide a surrogate home for the equipment officers. Flynn Rooms, the club’s BRAND NEW! home, are gorgeous and lovely and wonderful. For anyone who’s going to be spending time up there, this page tells you what you need to know about our excellent new digs. They’re located under the train archway, above the mailroom, across from the science gallery. The enterence is around back from the enterence to the mailroom.

DUSAC’s clubrooms are used for storing only club gear, and also provide a surrogate home for the equipment officers.  If you read no further, then remember:

  • Keep clubrooms tidy – put things back where they belong, and don’t leave your unwanted junk.
  • Lock up when you leave!



Downstairs area

The ground floor is only for the storage of wet gear boxes (the plastic tubs used to carry wet gear up the stairs) and the hose used to rinse gear. Since the compressor also lives on this floor, you must be careful to wash gear away from the compressor (toward the drain towards the sports centre). Please remember to detach the hose when you’re done! 🙂

Upstairs area

Club gear

Club bottles go in the racks on the left by the compressor. Regs are in the back and wetsuits hang in the middle. The bench at the back is the EOs, so you can place broken gear there, but make sure to log it first!

Personal gear

As awesome as the new rooms are, there isn’t space for personal gear.

Tools & stuff

Tools, equipment spares, kettles etc in the workroom belong to the club and are for the use of the equipment officers, whose pride and joy they are – please don’t remove anything from the toolboxes or work area.